‘On Growth and Form 2017’ Centenary workshop and art exhibition

Anderson presents her work and her new book in Amsterdam, at the On Growth and Form 2017′ Centenary workshop, and in an exhibition ‘Bio-Art and Architecture’ in Amsterdam at the Museum of Special Collections, UvA, Amsterdam.

The interdisciplinary workshop, which Anderson is co-organising, will run from Monday 23 October – Friday 27 October 2017 at the Lorentz Center, Leiden and the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Amsterdam.

We celebrate a hundred years since the first edition of D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson’s classic book “On Growth and Form” was published. This seminal publication marks the beginning of modern mathematical biology. The overall goal of this workshop is to bring together an interdisciplinary community inspired by D’Arcy Thompson’s work, with participants from the fields of developmental and mathematical biology, science history and philosophy, mathematics, art, and architecture.
More about the workshop here